Detective Conan

If you enjoy a world full of detectives who solve crimes like Sherlock Holmes then this is the anime for you. Detective Conan is a mystery based anime, that is very much so themed around the Sherlock Holmes puzzle solving etiquette. This plot follows a young detective Kudo Shinichi who through a sticky situation regresses physically to a childs body.  And so to protect his friends he uses a pseudonym, Edogawa Conan. The whole anime revolves around Conan and how he solves various crimes, it’s a great show to watch if you like solving puzzles. Detective Conan does have a deeper theme concerning the black organisation, this group are a dark and dangerous assassins who will keep you on your toes. I would defiantly watch this is you absolutely love Sherlock Holmes, this is a great long anime that you can watch with ease. While the episodes are seemingly one shot episodes, the anime does have a plot. The best thing about this anime is that in every episode we gather clues alongside the characters. Even during the flashback’s of the victims memory, the criminals are covered in black with only a piercing glare for eyes. It’s a very interesting way of getting the viewer to be involved with the crime solving.

Kudo Shinichi, age 17 (age 6), arrogant, brilliant and kind, Kudo is a well known detective from youth. However when he meddles with the black organisation he becomes a child, Edogawa Conan. Conan in a panic started to live with Ran, his childhood friend who he secretly loves. The funniest part of this anime is the constant fact that Ran is unaware of Conan’s true identify and consistently treats him as a child.

Ran Mouri, age 17, kind, a bit ditzy and a world wide champion of Martial arts, she is an inspiring women. Ran is the main protagonist to this anime, she is a girl who loves Kudo and becomes the most favourite female character in the while show. Ran is a great character as her unknown title of campion in martial arts always catches the villains by surprise.

Bearer of good news, there are at least 800 episodes but don’t let the sheer number frighten you. As i said they seem more like one shot episodes, so you can watch them at a slow pace. Also there are 20 films which are all brilliant, and they have a good amount of action. You defiantly wont regret watching this anime, it’s a great show and you will be missing out if you at least didn’t watch a few episodes.