Usotsuki Lily

If you enjoy a manga that involves a cross dressing boy who vomits blood every time a guy touches him, then this is the manga for you. Contrary to the image, Usotsuki Lily is not a Yuri manga rather the cross dressing individual is straight. Usotsuki Lily is a gender bender romance manga, where it follows a girlfriends journey in having a boyfriend thats cuter than she is. Originally when En Shinohara had asked out Hinata Saotome she was completely oblivious to his cross dressing tendencies, but she gets past her frustrations and falls in love with him easily. I love Usotsuki Lily because it gets rid of any gender stereotypes, but it also breaks all the conventions and just has two people who have fallen in love, making appearances not everything in a relationship. Passing the gender bender topic, Hinata Saotome and Hinata Saotome are the best couple, they are stupidly in love with one another, making enough drama for you to roll over in laughter. One of the greatest things this manga does, is that it does not follow one couple but multiple. This variety adds many new stories and a lot more humour, if anything it makes the plot better than it already is.

En Shinohara, cross dresser, confident, beautiful and a jealous individual when it comes to his girls friends attentions. En cross dresses as a hobby, because he absolutely loves women. But on a more serious note he does it because of his pure hatred towards men, if he sees even a reflection of himself he will punch it. En is a nice boy, but he makes me frustrated because he looks so damn good as a girl.

Hinata Saotome, kind, blunt, oblivious and a deep romantic but has a taste for good looking men which is why she instantly fell for En. She is a very open girl as she easily accepts en’s hobby and his reasons why. Hinata fights for what she wants, and she becomes the ‘ideal’ girl for En when he explains to other people his love for her. Hinata is very much into doing her own gags which makes the whole manga series way more interesting.

Bearer of good news, the manga is complete so there is an ending, which i can gladly say is fulfilling. Usotsuki Lily is one of the greater gender bender novels you can read, and even if you are unsure i say read it. The romance and slice of life style will only make you fall more in love with this manga.



If you enjoy a strong female protagonist who is bent on having female friends, then this is the manga for you. FIVE a shoujo manga that focuses on the lives of 6 beautiful and smart kids. Hina Aso is the new transfer student, and this school assigns classes to the persons grading, and since Hina is a very intellectual girl she is placed in A+ class. An all boy class. Typical really. Hina being the only female is devastated that she cannot have any female friends, but she through various events becomes friends with the five most talented boys in the whole school. Now don’t go thinking this is a typical slice of life story, where the female has fallen hopelessly in love. Rather this manga, has Hina’s character fight her own battles. She is fully capable of whatever is thrown at her, and that is inspiring. She knows self defence, she is smart, and most of all she does not fall in love easily. FIVE is a brilliant manga, as not only is it’s art style unique but each of the five boys have very different personalities so you feel as if you really know them. I definitely suggest you read this, not for the art but for the plot as well. I mean in one chapter, they have sports day on another island, ridiculous i know but absolutely hilarious.

Hina Aso, smart, oblivious, childish, but a very capable girl. Hina is the main female who despite being surrounded by boys, only sees them as her friends. She is nicknamed princess by her friends, a sort of respected name considering she is the only female in the smartest class. One thing about her, is that once she drinks coffee she essentially gets drunk and has no self control on her strength. Seriously it is the funniest thing you will see. Hina is gorgeous as well.

Toshi Shumizu, leader, player, he is the first person to meet Hina but he doesn’t make the best impression. Toshi is the typical player of the group, he seems to not like monogamy which only ticks Hina off. Despite his attitidue, Toshi does care for Hina which can be seen when he accepts her as part of their group.

Koijro Yauchi, modern samurai, silent, he is gifted with a katana and is like a body guard for the group. He is a man of few words or expressions, but he does not lack in kindness. He’s is the most humorous because he uses a wooden sword for his attacks.

Jun Tairaku, smart, calculative, and he is the least athletic of the group. Jun by far is the the top of his year, he solves some impossible questions. But this helps when they need to hack into something. Jun is the heir to a restaurant which holds some favour from very powerful people. Which is hilarious when he uses these favours in silly situations.

Takui Iwabuchi, sporty, big brother, he is the most ‘normal’ of the group. Takui is an insane cook, which can be brought about from taking care of his family. He is most known to have a skateboard.

Nao Arisawa, cute, tiny, cute and the richest kid in the whole class. Nao is insecure about his friendship to Hina, especially since he only believes girls wants to be friends with him because of the company his father owns. But Hina beats his insecurities and he would do anything for her. I like Nao, but he’s too childlike for my taste.

Bearer of bad news, the manga is not complete, and there is not anime. So, while there is no end, it only means there are more chapters to read, therefore making the story longer, which i definitely enjoy.