Otome Youkai Zakuro

If you enjoy an anime that has the western military team up with eastern youkai then this is the anime for you. Otome Youkai Zakuro is set in Edo Japan where youkai and humans coexist, but only barely as there are still some prejudices against the youkai kind. Because there was an upset between the youkai and humans the Ministry of Sprits was created, where human males and female yokai work together. Otome Youkai Zakuro’s plot centres around this Ministry of Sprits establishment, having the human and yokai individuals being forced to work with one another. The anime follows multiple individuals lives and the impact that this treaty has on them, the youkai females especially.  Zakuro is the main character alongside her partner Kei Agemaki, and it is with these two that i would say their paring are the funniest. Zakuro like her friends adorns fox ears showing her youkai blood, and this feature is apparent because she and the others are half yokai. Zakuro and Agemaki are the funniest because their ideals are completely different, she is totally against any wester views and he funnily is completely afraid of spirits. So in effect they both abhor one another, and this is hilarious. I would hate having to work with someone i strongly dislike, especially if they are dead afraid of my kind. This show is very supernatural and one of the things i love about it is the visuals, the art is so beautiful especially when they use their blossoms flower attacks. Blossom flowers are my favourite flower, and this how just makes them even more beautiful. Not only are the visual great but the songs as well, the opening is killer and is so catchy, and the song they sing before they attack is so cute. The greatest things about that is the song is innocent yet deadly, and that is art. Despite it having it’s romantic element, i find the action and adventures they have to be exciting. Just a heads up you are so going to ship all the girls with their partners, i swear you will squeal like i did whenever something romantic happened.

Zakuro, age 16, aggressive, impulsive, easily angered and a girl who deeply loves her kind and will do anything to protect them. Zakuro is the most aggressive and verbal at not liking the Ministry of Spirits idea. Her hate to westernisation is through the bad treatment it has given to Spirits, and how peoples attitudes quickly changed to how they see Youkai. I do like her blunt personality but even i find her mind to be closed off, she seems to not want to establish a good middle ground until she wants it to.

Kei Agemaki, age 18, scardy cat, clumsy, kind but deadly afraid of any Youkai that comes near him. Kei is is in the tip ranks of the army and so when he is deadly afraid of spirits our illusion of him is shattered making his character the funniest out of all of them. From zakuro appearing human he seems to be at ease with her, and so sticks to her like glue whenever a youkai appears making the whole scenario hilarious.

Susukihotaru, age 16, shy, intelligent, and very kind, she at first cannot look humans in the eye through sheer shyness and that only makes her cuter. Susukihotaru can feel peoples emotion by touching them, so her empathy and sympathy tank is always at full capacity. Susukihotaru is my favourite out of all the girls, not only does she seem to have a sold and open mind, but she grows as a character and i always find character development to be important. Despite her appearance she is not weak, rather she uses her strength to support Zakuro who mainly does the attacking in the group.

Riken Yoshinokazura, age 19, emotionless, tall, and a non talkative male. Riken is paired with Susukihotaru and thought they seem to be an odd match they are actually perfect for one another. Riken is the silent type who with a scary face has a big heart on the inside, he deeply cares for those he calls friends. He is even helpful to Kei as he knows about his fear of spirits, so all in all Riken is my favourite male character.


Bonbori  and Hozuki, age 15, twins, clingy, younger minds, they are not as open to people as they should and so getting them to like you is hard. Bonbori  and Hozuki are identical and are very hard to separate, but their partner Ganryu can tell them apart straight away. The thing about these two is that they are very vocal about their love to Ganryu and it actually quite refreshing.


Ganryu Hanakiri, age 16, very intelligent, childlike, and a bit arrogant, Ganryu is the smallest male and seemingly the loudest. Ganryu can instantly tell apart the twins and that alone shows some form of brilliance. The thing about him is that he prefers to be in the back seat, to not get into any violence which is completely fine for the girls.

Bearer of bad news the anime is only 12 episodes long, so you can binge watch it in one setting or set it aside to watch an episode a day. Personally i binge watched it because i couldn’t get enough of it, so i induce you to watch this as it is very freshening. If anything the art style should make you want to watch it.



If you enjoy a weird time loop where a man has to revert back to being 10 years old in order to change the future, then this is the anime for you. Erased’s plot follows a man called Satoru Fujinuma who for unknown reasons can go back in time, in order to save a girl he has always regretted not protecting. He goes back in time in order to stop a serial killer murdering his close friends to create a different future, not only is he protecting those in the past but those in the future as well. Erased is a complicated yet heartwarming anime, that really lets you get into the show when it is in a child’s perspective. Because of this ability to go back into the past, Satoru still keeps his older mentality despite him being 10. And having an older mentality he notices more things, he even impacts other peoples lives more, and not spoiling anything but i personally thought Satoru got the short end of the straw at the ending. This is a great mystery anime because who doesn’t love a time travelling anime, but also because of the consistent switch between past and present time.


Satoru Fujinuma, age 29 (age 10), rash, emotional, he regrets not doing anything to save his dead classmates. Satoru gains this ability to go back in time, and he dedicated this used time to save those he lost, he makes it his duty to find the serial killer that got away in the future. And so detective Satoru is on the case. I found him to get the worst ending, so i pity him alot.

Kayo Hinazuki, age 10, a victim to the serial killer, quiet, sad, she keeps to herself and is one of Satoru’s many regrets. She had a miserable past, but thanks to Satoru she has the potential to be saved and live a happy life.

Sachiko Fujinuma, mother of Satoru, sharp, loving, tough, she is one of the best if not only mums who actually do something. Sachiko is a lovely women who deeply cares for her child, she is a dedicated women who protected her child’s innocence during the serial murders.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga that the anime was was adapted from, so you can read it and watch the anime. I pressure you to watch this lovely anime, it is a good catch and you will enjoy the whole show.

Psycho Pass

If you enjoy the idea where a conscious thinking gun can assess whether you have a high crime ratio, then this is the anime for you. The plot follows a future police force in Japan, where the Sibyl System measures the minds of civilians and scans those who have a high Crime mentalities. This world has a watch scanner that one can keep in check in order for their crime rating to not exceed the bad ratio and be flagged up as a criminal. It’s very messed up. Akane Tsunemori is a new police inspector who is partnered up with an enforcer. An enforcer is a person whose crime rating is so high that they are essentially rabid dogs to the system. Each person is handed a Dominator, which is a specialised gun that only works when it is aimed at a person with high crimeCoefficients. It’s actually a very practical way of going about since there are no unnecessary deaths, but at the same time if you are hit with one you will literally explode. Psycho Pass is a great crime fiction anime, it really makes the idea of the police reliable. But it also questions the power that machines can have over humans, and that is something that will get you thinking for a while. As one of the main things that troubles Akane is the morality of the Sibyl System, as one person could for a split second think about a criminal thing and they are on the hit list. Not only does it make you question future technology, but the plot was very interesting, there were enough plot twists to make me binge watch the whole series.

Shinya Kogami, enforcer, skilled, fast thinker, detached and very understanding. He is the main protagonist of the first season, his story is actually a very sad one. Shinya takes on a leader like personality, but because of his position he takes a few steps back.

Akane Tsubemori, naive, stubborn, compassionate, and very true to her own morals and the law. Akane grows in the seasons and she learns who she is through all the hard ships. Her most admirable trait is her sense of justice and it not faulting once. Akane can be seen to be very rational even in dangerous situation, and she quickly falls out of the damsel in distress situation which i give her a lot of credit for.

Bearer of good news, there are two seasons so you can get a good feel of all the characters after some disrupting plot twists. There is also a movie Psycho-Pass: The Movie, which follows the aftermath of season 2 and gives you a sort of better ending. Trust me. If you love crime shows, then this anime is a must see.

Hotarubi no Mori E

If you enjoy summer romances and curses then this is the anime for you. Hotarubi no Mori E is a forty minute film which follows it’s shoujo manga to a T. The film follows a girl called Hotaru who as a young child gets lost in a forest thanks to an evil spirit when she is visiting her grandmother. Being too deep in the forest she cannot get out, and by chance she finds Gin. Gin is a supernatural spirt who despite having a human appearance has a curse that if he is touched by a human he will disappear. Despite saying this, Hotaru’s child mind decided she wants to play and try to catch him. Though he dodges each time and pokes her with a stick. After she is saved Hotaru promised that every summer she would visit him. And she did, we see her grow older each summer meanwhile Gin does not age one bit. The climax of the story happens when she physically becomes the same age as Gin. Throughout the whole film I was star stuck at their cute love for one another well Hotaru more so than Gin. The one thing I did enjoy about this film is the art work, it was smooth and seemed more so like the manga style. I’m not going to lie, this film may be a nice romance comedy, but I got very teary at the end. 40 minutes was not enough for me.

Gin, calm, nice, quiet, despite his cold attitude he seems to really care for humans. Gin’s main appearance follows him wearing a festival mask, we do not see his face for a while but it’s worth it. Gin is a very comical person, who often teases Hotaru. One of the cutest things he does is tie a ribbon on his arm and then to Hotarus to help her stay on the correct path. It is so cute.

Hotaru Takegawa, age 6 at start, is brash, cute and very childlike throughout the film. Hotaru found Gin very fascinating, especially when he is friends with the spirits in the forest. Hotaru, at first is just a child but as she grows she is seen as a beautiful young lady who even catches Gina eye. She become great friends with Gin after noticing he is lonely, and she also becomes great friends with the mountain spirits.

Bearer of mediocre news, there is a manga but the film follows it to a T, so while reading it will be nice, there is nothing new that is put into the story.

The Earl and Fairy

If you enjoy fairies, the victorian era and anything fantasy based, then this is anime for you. The Earl and Fairy follows a fairy doctor called Lydia Carlton, who has the power to see fairies. And they are adorable tiny little fairies. She lives on an isolated island but is scouted by a man called Edgar J C Ashenbert. And through meeting him, she takes a voyage to discover a treasured sword, that was supposed to be handed down by her contractors family. This anime is short, but i find they packed just enough in for the whole series to be satisfying. Earl and Fairy is comedic but it also has a great soundtrack, i could easily sit down and just listen to the opening tune alone.

Lydia Carlton, age 17, independent, clever and insecure about her own appearance. She is a fairy doctor, something that is rare and impressive. She despite what she assumes about herself, seems to draw men in like flies. Lydia is the kindest girl you will ever meet, she will for fairy or human put herself in danger. All because she is a fairy doctor.

Edgar J C Ashenbert, age 20’s, prince like, mysterious and a player. He does not hold back on the charm, and personally for me i found him to be annoying. He always seemed to make Lydia a damsel in distress, despite her being able to take care of herself.

Raven, age 18, servant, has a sprite inside of him, and a powerful ally. Raven is the coolest and most active in the series, he is definitely a friend you would want to have on your side. Raven generally has a kind relation with most of the characters, and he easily becomes the most likeable in the whole series.

Nico, a spirit residing in a cat, he is Lydia’s partner in crime. Nico is certainly a gentleman and it is shown when he has a preference with teas and fashion choices. Nico despite being a great fairy, is a coward. He runs away whenever danger is coming to the group.

Kelpie, water horse, arrogant and helplessly in love with Lydia. Kelpie is hilarious. He is the best character in the whole series. He truly loves Lydia for who she is, but she clearly doesn’t love him back. I found this quite sad, but her disinterest only makes his advances more and more hilarious.

Bearer of bad news, there are only 12 episodes but i found the ending to be decent enough. There is a light Novel that you can read for more adventures, so read it if you enjoyed the anime.

XXX Holic

If you enjoy the occult and the idea of what comes around goes around then this is the anime for you. XXXholic is a supernatural anime that focusses on spirits and how one persons actions can cause a spirit to manifest from ill intent. At first you may be confused at to what is going on, but you’ll get the idea of it by the second episode. This anime is complex. There are two colliding plots that takes place and while it may seem like one is more important this is not the case. The first plot, is in the xxxholic world, it follows the life of Watanuki Kimihiro, a boy who is has the unfortunate ability to see ghost. Not only can he see them, but he is a sort of magnet towards them. Watanuki though circumstances starts to work for Yuko Ichihara, who is the owner to a wish shop. She posses a very powerful psychic power, and though her persona is mysterious we instantly like her. Yuko grants peoples wishes, only as long as they can give something in return. The universe gives and takes for her. In each episode a person visits the shop and asks for a wish to be granted, and Yuko using her powers grants them. But don’t think this is a nice anime, it has ghosts after all. Actually because of human greed the wishes that were made, for better or for worse made the wisher suffer.

XXXholic is an anime that i would suggest you pay close attention to, as the subplot is only another thread to a bigger plot. You under all advice have to watch Tsubasa Chronicles and read the manga if you want to understand the whole plot. And let me tell you, it has twists within twists. I personally had to stare at the sky to comprehend what i watched/read.

Watanuki Kimihiro, age 15, caring, coward, and madly in love with Himawari Kunogi. Watanuki is the main protagonist, he has the ability to see spirits, and he actually asked Yuko to help him not see them anymore making this the reason he works for her. This boy in beginning seems to be a tad annoying, but you learn about his loneliness and his disposition to place other safety before his. And you start to love him more and more.

Yuko Ichihara, age unknown, mysterious, crafty, and a huge alcoholic. And if you could not tell, XXX holic is just a pun on Alcoholic. She gives the persona of a care free women, but that is anything from the truth, she is more serious and powerful than she lets on. Yuko is my second favourite character, as not only is she a powerful women, but she is not portrayed as evil for once. Rather she is the one everyone depends on. That and she is so relatable when she eats all the time.

Doumeki Shizuka, age 15, emotionless, calm and considered the best friend to watanuki, though the latter will refuse this. Doumeki is a sort of guardian spirit to Watanuki, as he saves the boy from evil sprits. Being a family of temple holders he holds sacred power to dispel sprits, making him a good tool for Yuko to use. Doumeki is my favourite character, as though he is serious he creates good humour with watanuki. It has become a pun that he asks for Watanuki to cook for him, and though Watanuki hates him he still makes the food and eats with him. And i just love their friendship so much.

Himawari Kunogi, age 15, beautiful, friendly, and the crush of Watanuki. She is a recurring character who seems to be oblivious to Watanukis affection. Despite Himawaris sweet face, she holds a dark secret. You will either cry or fall in love with her more, when you learn the truth.

Bearer of good news, there is more than one season called XXXHOLIC: Kei, XXXHOLIC ROU and XXXHOLIC Shunmuki. This is a great series, but as i said you can’t just watch this alone, first you have to read the manga and second you have to watch/read Tsubasa Chronicles to fully understand the real plot. This is does take time, as there are more plot twists than i can count, but don’t let this dissuade you. There’s nothing greater than having an anime catching you off guard. So fight on!

Fun tip, if you have read and watched everything go to the Blood C movie, there is an easter egg concerning this.

Yu Yu hakusho

If you enjoy shinigami’s, demons and a young boy who dies and becomes a spirit detective, then this is the anime for you. This supernatural anime creates a whole new world, filled with demons and tournaments, Yu Yu hakusho is a great catch if you enjoy action and adventure. The plot goes as such, Yusuke Urameshi dies and because he died too early, he is brought back to life to become a spirit detective. A spirit detective is a human who protects the human world from the demon world, he is sort of the supernatural police. I absolutely love this anime, it has action and it has a great plot, and because i’m such a romance buff i especially enjoy the romantic side. The best thing they have in this is the great sagas, i especially liked when they have a tournament saga, so there are plenty of fight scenes to enjoy.

Yusuke Urameshi, age 14, a delinquent, seems to be tough but really is a softy on the inside. At the beginning all we see is a boy who skips school and does not care for anyone, yet this is instantly thrown away as he dies to save a child. He becomes the spirit detective and essentially the leader to the group of friends he makes. Yusuke is a hard working boy who through trials and desperation defeats his opponents. And what i like about him even more is his comedic personality, he finds a joke in everything to lighten the mood. And i find that’s a nice quality to have.

Kazuma Kuwabara, age 14, clumsy, easily falls in love and the most underrated character in the whole series. Kuwabara comes from a family that’s attuned to spirits, so he easily joins yusuke on his escapades. He is the butt of many gags, even the series makes fun of him as he usually messes up in one way or another.

Kurama, age 14 (demon age unknown), fox spirit, he is devilish, handsome and a gentleman. Yoko is the spirit that has taken over another persons body, and so his human name is Shinichi. He uses flowers as his weapon and with his looks, he is a dangerous opponent. He is easily the favourite of the group.

Hiei, age unknown, demon, harsh, cold and very much so a tiny emo child. Hiei is the most mysterious characters but he alongside Yusuke has the most character development. Hiei has a sad past and you feel empathy for him despite his rude attitude. But don’t let his size fool you, he is a tough opponent and will kill you. I would definitely say he will be your favourite by the end.

Botan, grim reaper, she is the guardian of Yusuke, a sort of guide to how his job works. Botan is the most notable female character, she is quirky and adds a good amount humour to the whole show. Botan is not afraid of jumping into a fight she most likely cannot win, but the sentiments there.

Bearer of good news, there is a manga and a movie Yu Yu hakusho: Poltergeist report. And don’t be dissuaded by the amount of episodes there are, i would say you would want more by the end of it. Definitely watch this if you’re in for light humoured adventure anime, and watch it at a slow pace. You will love it.

Fun tips, there are small omakes you can watch, though their short they will make you laugh loads.

Mob Psycho 100

If you enjoy a plain looking boy who resembles Saitama from One Punch then this is the anime for you. This supernatural/slice of life anime, focuses on Shigeo Kageyama (Mob) who posses a enormous amount of psychic power. While this anime holds a supernatural element, it does not slack in the comedy aspect. This good humoured anime has a mysterious set of percentages appear at the end of each episode, we are confused as to what this means, but trust me you will be gobsmacked at the reason why. I was apprehensive to watch this at first but from the first episode i was hooked, so do watch this and like me you can binge watch it. And to further entice you, the opening is so catchy you wont skip over it.  I certainly didn’t.

Shigeo Kageyama, age 14, stoic, he is a boy of pure psychic ability and very powerful at that. Mob is a very quiet individual who found at an early age that his powers were effected by his emotions and so he decided to become emotionless and not use his powers. Because he is conscious of his power and lack of body power, he joins the body improvement club. This is hilarious because all the the men in this club are big burley men who have muscles bursting from their shirts, so the image of mob in the middle for them will make you laugh your socks off. His main inspiration to becoming a body builder is to protect his little brother, Ritsu.

Arataka Reigen, age 28, a liar, and self proclaimed greatest Psychic of the 21st century, this is false considering he cannot even use an ounce of psychic power. The most hilarious aspect of this anime is the fact that Regien is the mentor to Mob, who fully believes this man has power. By finding Mob, Reigen had brought him to work for him in his agency the Spirits and Such Consultation Office.

Ritsu Kageyama, age 13, popular, clever and emotional, this boy has an obsession with Psychic power. Unlike Mob he finds violence okay, and he does not mind the idea of using a psychic power to hurt them. But don’t be dissuaded by his character as there is a deeper, darker meaning to his reasoning.

Bearer of bad news, there is only 13 episodes in the anime, but there is a manga that adds some more information to the series. So don’t be sad, there is more for you to enjoy, on a full recommendation do watch this as it very comical. For me at least i was kept on my toes till the very end, so trust me when i say there is a hilarious ending. Make sure you watch it all or else you’ll loose out on a good laugh.



It’s film edition time! If you enjoy the supernatural and souls entering new bodies then this is the film for you. This anime  slice of life/supernatural film, is about a soul entering a new body and it is through a certain period of time that he is to be judged whether he stays in that body or not. The thing about this film is, you should have a tissue box ready as tears are mandatory when you watch this. I definitely felt my heart break when a certain bust of emotion is shown, it really gets to you on just feeling alone. Warning alert, there are some sensitive topics that can arise, as the plot surrounds a spirt being resurrected in a body that originally committed suicide.So it is not for the faint hearted.

Mysterious soul, this is the soul at the beginning who we see enter the lift to resurrection. With the aid of a spirit called Purapura he is to find what his sin was and accept what he has done and what he wants in the future.

Makoto Kobayashi, age 14, is the body the soul enters, this boy had committed suicide from an unhappy life at home and school. He was bullied, quiet, love struck to a girl who does not see him, and overall he closes himself in his art.

Purapura, ageless, looks like a child, yet he is effectively a Shinigami helping souls through their trials.

I absolutely recommend this film, not for the visuals (which are beautiful) but for the experience it will give you. This unique film teaches you the value of everyday life, to not through away small gestures of love but accept them.